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Picture of FMT - Nguyễn Thị Kim Oanh
Timetable for paying tuition fee of restudy
by FMT - Nguyễn Thị Kim Oanh - Tuesday, 18 September 2018, 9:01 PM

Dear students,

Tuition fee of restudy SI18-19 must be paid by student from 19th-24th September ...

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Picture of FMT - Nguyễn Thị Kim Oanh
Thông báo v/v cung cấp thông tin sức khỏe cá nhân của sinh viên
by FMT - Nguyễn Thị Kim Oanh - Tuesday, 18 September 2018, 8:39 PM



Thực hiện theo kế hoạch số 48 / KH-UBND của UBND TP ...

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Picture of FMT - Phạm Văn Hùng
Registration for AMCC Program 2018 - 3rd year students "MUST READ"
by FMT - Phạm Văn Hùng - Tuesday, 18 September 2018, 11:55 AM

Resource Exchange International, Inc. (REI) and the Faculty of Management and Tourism (FMT), ...

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Picture of FMT - Trương Thu Thảo
Xét cấp học bổng Nguyễn Trường Tộ năm học 2018-2019
by FMT - Trương Thu Thảo - Monday, 17 September 2018, 9:12 AM

Chào các bạn sinh viên,

Mời các bạn vào mục Scholarships để xem thông báo về việc xét cấp học bổ...

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Picture of FMT - Trần Trung
Trường ĐHHN mở lớp dạy tiếng Indonesia
by FMT - Trần Trung - Friday, 14 September 2018, 3:22 PM

- Hình thức: Lớp dạy miễn phí

- Đối tượng: Sinh viên và cán bộ, giảng viên Trường Đại học Hà Nội...

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Picture of FMT - Trần Trung
Hội trường lớn mở cửa cho sinh viên nghỉ trưa
by FMT - Trần Trung - Friday, 14 September 2018, 12:46 PM

Được sự đồng ý của Ban Giám hiệu, Phòng Công tác SV&QHDN xin được thông báo tới các đơn vị đào tạ...

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Picture of FMT - Trần Trung
Danh sách sinh viên K16, K17 bị khóa tài khoản ngân hàng cần cấp mới để nộp học phí
by FMT - Trần Trung - Thursday, 13 September 2018, 11:06 AM

Những sinh viên có tên trong danh sách bị khóa TK cần đến địa chỉ sau để mở lại TK mới và nộp học...

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Picture of FMT - Trần Trung
Khảo sát tình trạng việc làm của sinh viên tốt nghiệp năm 2016
by FMT - Trần Trung - Wednesday, 12 September 2018, 8:20 AM

Thân gửi Anh/Chị cựu sinh viên Trường Đại học Hà Nội,
Với mục tiêu đào tạo sinh viên tốt nghiệ...

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Picture of FMT - Trần Trung
Phòng cho nhóm Mentor hướng dẫn sv K2017
by FMT - Trần Trung - Monday, 10 September 2018, 3:25 PM

- Nhóm TR: Thứ 3 ngày 11/9 từ 14h30-16h00: P.101C

- Nhóm AC: Thứ 4 ngày 12/9 từ 16h30-18h00: 708...

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Picture of FMT - Trương Thu Thảo
Supplementary Examination Student List_ Summer Semester 2018
by FMT - Trương Thu Thảo - Friday, 7 September 2018, 4:31 PM

Dear Students.

Please visit the Schedule, timetable, and student list ===>Examination student ...

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Available courses

Financial Modeling is designed specifically for students studying Finance. It aims to provide practical relevance and real-world application to finance concepts. Adopting a problem-solving approach, it focuses on computational issues in corporate finance, asset portfolios and stock options. The areas covered by the course include application of net present valuation approach, capital cost estimation, financial statement forecasting, asset and option pricing, portfolio optimization. The course intends to provide students with theories and modelling skills required for financial decision making in business and management and also enable students mastering the quantitative skills and computation techniques required to solve practical problems.

Quantitative tools are used more and more to support managers’ decision making, especially in this age of Information Technology. This course aims at providing students the basic skills needed to effectively and efficiently work with quantitative tools, specifically the ability to analyze, organize, design, and use spreadsheet tools and models in solving a variety of problems such as accounting, financial, or managerial problems. The primary goal of the course is to encourage a more disciplined thinking process in the way students approach situations. The secondary goal is to help students using quantitative tools and relevant modeling practices to support the decision makers

This course is designed to provide students with a systematic understanding of general tax theory, crucial contents and issues of tax laws and tax administration in Vietnam.

This subject aims to introduce students to the study of the economy as a whole and to the economic way of thinking. It provides the students with macroeconomic concepts, basic models and the institutional policy framework so they could identify and analyze macroeconomic problems and justify policy responses to those problems. 

Write a concise and interesting paragraph here that explains what this course is about
Write a concise and interesting paragraph here that explains what this course is about

The purpose of this course is to fill a need in providing planning approaches and guidelines for the integrated and sustainable development of tourism. It examines tourism planning at all levels from the macro to micro and includes approaches that are applicable to both more or less developed countries. Students are expected to gain a comprehensive understanding into development of this sector in planned and controlled manner that optimizes benefits while preventing any serious problems. While international best practices in tourism planning and policy making are examined, tourism development planning projects in Viet Nam will be presented substantially in order to enhance students’ practical capability. The course is divided into 4 parts, including general knowledge on tourism planning; planning at national, regional and destination levels, implementation of tourism development strategies and plans.

The purpose of this course is to give students a good insight into the background of the industry and the services provided by travel agencies. A wide range of discussion topics includes types of travel agencies and their services, technology, skill, finance, insurance and travel requirements. While international best practices in travel agency management and operation are examined, the travel industry and tour operations in Viet Nam will be discussed substantially in order to enhance students’ practical capability.

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in the tourism and hospitality industry. The entrepreneur engages in several processes in conceptualising, developing and operating a new business venture. An understanding of these processes is essential to any budding entrepreneur who will be required to source finances for the venture, select a site location and plan for the successful operation of the new business. In this subject, students will be required to developed and defense their group tourism business plan.

Faculty of Management and Tourism is a new faculty of Hanoi University (HANU). Established in 2002, the Faculty now has grown to one of the biggest units in the university with more than 1200 full time undergraduate students enrolled. Currently, the Faculty is offering four undergraduate programs:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Management)
  • Bachelor of Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Finance and Banking
  • Bachelor of Accounting

These programs together with Bachelor of International Studies from Faculty of International Studies and Bachelor of Computer Science from the Computer Science Department - are the only formal undergraduate programs in Vietnam in which English is used as a language of instruction and assessment for all subjects.

Faculty of Management and Tourism

Room 201, Building C

Hanoi University

Km 9 Nguyen Trai Road

Thanh Xuan, Hanoi


Tel: 84 (4) 5 533 560

Fax: 84 (4) 8 544 550


Our mission is to establish an internationally recognized standard in learning, teaching and researching that will best serve Vietnam in the process of restructuring, renovating and integrating into the regional and world economy. The mission is supported by a commitment to change for continuous improvement in quality, effectiveness and efficiency of all areas of the Faculty.

We also strive for a culture of high professionalism, commitment and value appreciation.



We are confident in saying that we are working on creating a teaching and learning environment of the highest quality in Vietnam, ensuring exposure to current developments and trends and anticipation and adjustment to changes. You can be assured that the Faculty will offer you the most updated information and state-of-the-art education services. We, teachers will be available at any time to provide you with further help and assistance. We are always open to initiatives, suggestions and recommendations.


We are proud that we attract high-performing and high-achieving students who are characterized by their intelligence and energy as well as a drive to make their mark in the world. We hold high expectation of you in regards to your ethical and academic performance. We expect to develop in you an industrial working attitude, with strict respect to time and workload requirements.

Interaction with business community

Interaction with the local and international business community is also essential to the Faculty. We are building strong links with the professions, industries, schools, community groups and local government to ensure practical knowledge and useful experiences are passed on to our subjects and students. Many of our lecturers will come from governing boards of professional bodies, government agencies, community organisations and business networking groups to provide their technical expertise to our students through lecturing, consulting and researching. Our staff also will be available to the media to offer their expert knowledge on relevant contemporary issues.

Curriculum & Courses

We are now offering courses in Business Administration (majoring in Financial management), Finance and Banking, Accounting and Tourism Management. These courses are supported by wide range specialized subjects across the disciplines of management, accounting, marketing, finance, economics, law, legal studies, business law, international studies and tourism. The curriculum is at the cutting edge of knowledge, incorporating the latest developments and trends in both curriculum content and design. These novel courses are to equip our students with knowledge and practical skills to help them gain professional qualifications, further their educational and research opportunities, and achieve their career aspirations.

Life style

We provide an exciting campus based environment, which is committed to providing cultural and intellectual stimulation. Students have the opportunity to attend lectures by international speakers and participate in a variety of extracurricular activities. Participation in a variety of clubs representing all interests and profession is encouraged.